A Smattering of snapshots of my adventures in Britannia.

During my travails in Britannia, I have come across some rather unusual moments, be they odd things that happen in an Ultima or things I made happen.

Here's a nice pic of my party in Ultima 6, holding court at Serpent's Hold.

First order of business: get rid of that eyeball on the table.


A good reason to visit anyone, I daresay. Let's take Shamino up on his offer, howabout?

The Avacentric Universe

Forget Britannia, we know what's REALLY at the center of the universe.

(More pics to come once I get around to uploading them.)

And on to some mayhem that ensued once I started messing around with the U7Wizard editor.

neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...

Anyone familiar with the initial meeting with Magus in ChronoTrigger might find something familiar about my visit to the Royal Museum one fair Britannian morn.

And of course what good is a U7 editor if you can't make your own castle?


Welcome to castle Bordermarch, located where it was in U5.

Tools of Mass Destruction

It's well equipped to handle invaders, assuming they are permitted past the Codex Guardians at the front door.

The King is Dead! Long live the King!

Tourists should pay special attention to my special exhibit featuring Lord British himself.

It's good to be the king.

And no castle is complete witout a throne room, is it? Don't annoy the guards.

And now for something completely different...

Until I get my misc. games page up and running, I have two non-Ultima screenshots which I will link here. This is an example of character generation gone horribly insane, and this is an interesting picture of the inn in Candlekeep after it recieves a bad review. Pay special attention to that bit of graffiti in the corner.

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