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Welcome to my Ultima page which, as yet, is not much.

For those who don't know what Ultima is, here is a synopsis.
WARNING: This contains many storyline events which could spoil the game! (Mainly the basic plot of each game; few in-game spoilers.) If you plan on playing the Ultima series and do not want foreknowledge of the story don't go here! If you don't see yourself as a potential Ultima player and are just curious, or if you are already familiar with the story, go right ahead.

You are now entering the world of


as described by Kenneth Whitten.

Once I get better at making webpages, I will flesh out this page. But for now, you can visit my Ultima Resources, as well as links to some very good ones I've been to.

Most of my knowledge will be on these Ultimas: 6, UW, 7, UW2, and 7p2. Believe it or not, these are listed in sequential order. Glossary of Acronyms I will use:
U# = The Ultima game of that number. (U6 = Ultima VI)
UW1, UW2 = The Ultima Underworld games.
U7BG = Ultima VII: The Black Gate
U7SI = Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle
UDIC = The Ultima Dragons (Internet Chapter)

First my pages. Not all of which exist as yet; I am still making them.
(Sorry if it's not much; most of the good stuff was taken.)

Hints on the Cheat Mode used in both U7 games.
U7SI Cheat Mode list of lists.
The Guardian's Home Page.
A collection of some Ultima screenshots I have made.
Lumina Dragon's Weyr, or my UDIC page.
The Path Not Taken..., my Ultima FanFic!
The New Order of Britannia, my crowning achievement that never was.

Now, links to some good pages.

The World of Ultima, by Excalibur Dragon.
A wonderfully done site all about Ultima. Any true fan must see it!
(Yes, I have this listed on my Home page, but it is good enough to list twice!)

Some VERY COOL Ultima mayhem by Doug the Eagle Dragon.
Following the appropriate links gets you to some rather... interesting... pages about Ultimas 6, 7, 8, and 9, with an SI page linked to the U7 one.

The Notable Ultima, by Underworld Dragon.
A plethora of miscallany, including a mostly complete page with scripts of the dialogue in the various Ultimas.

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle walkthru, by Sagacious Dragon.
Bar none, the greatest walkthru for this game that I have seen. Unfortunately, this link is defunct, and I have yet to find where this site mvoed, if it still exists.

Houston Dragon's Ultima Homepage
A good page full of miscellaneous info. Check out his Serpent Isle Who's Who. Now also home to the Ultima Resource Library.

I'll add more along the way, but these will do for now.

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