The New Order of Britannia!

Welcome, loyal citizens, to the New Order of Britannia! This was to be my crowning achievement in the Ultima games (specifically, Ultima VII: Black Gate), but, alas, I was unable to do it. The U7BG cheatmode would not let me edit the business schedules of the NPCs, and that was THE crucial part of the New Order.

However, all is not lost! You can see what Britannia might have been like had I ruled under the New Order of Britannia. Here is a list of the changes I was to make in instating the New Order. (Besides, when I learn to hexedit, I can still start the New Order anyway.)

Proclamation of The New Order of Britannia


Being a Proclamation of The New Order of Britannia as ordained by its new Monarch, Lord Andreas the Avatar.

Know ye now that this Day marks the Beginning of a new Age for Britannia. An Age which shall lead Britannia and its People into a glorious Future of Peace and Prosperity. Under my Guidance, Britannia need not worry about Perils such as it has experienced in the Past. Nor shall the common Problems found in Society every day continue to plague us.

Join me, and support the New Order of Britannia! Thou shalt not regret it, for thy Lives shall be greatly improved by it. The New Order shall benefit thee, both as a singular Person, and as a Part of Society as a Whole. It shall enrich thy Lives, and make thee realize the full Potential of what thou couldst do, for thyself and for the Land.

The New Order shall bring Enlightenment to us all, and that is, quite possibly, the greatest Benefit of all.

-Your Lord and Benefactor,
Lord Andreas the Avatar

(Translation: Propaganda that the Fellowship would envy trying to convince Britannians to join my New Order. Muahahahaha!)

Citizens of Britannia and their Place in The New Order