Lumina's Weyr

Lumina Hello, I am Lumina Dragon, member of the Draconic society known as UDIC, or, more formally, the Ultima Dragons, Internet Chapter. What? You find it surprising that a dragon would act in so civilized a manner? Where hast thou been the past age or two? We are not the foul beasts many make us out to be. It is the depredations of a small number of our brethren that has gotten THAT rumor started. Hmph.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. The Ultima Dragons. Well, if you really would like to know all about us, click here. Check out their FAQ page and some of their other links as well. Suffice it to say that we are a Society of Dragons numbering in excess of 12,000 in population worldwide. We all share a love of the computer roleplaying game Ultima by Origin Systems Inc.

Now let me talk a little about myself. That picture up there is not me, first of all. I am a Radiant Dragon*, with luminescent yellow scales. My breath weapons are (I have two): a Lucent Beam, which is essentially a beam of concentrated solar light that shoots straight out, usually incinerating the target. My secondary breath is an Electric Sphere, similar to a lightning bolt, but is rather a ball of lightning that shoots forth instead of an actual bolt.

In my human form, I am Kenneth Whitten (as described on my homepage). While visiting Britannia, Kenneth is a paladin, residing in the City of Honor, Trinsic, and is a member of the knightly Order of the Silver Serpent.

* - Not to be confused with the Radiant Dragon as described in the Spelljammer Boxed Set by TSR Inc; that one is an eastern-type dragon which roams wildspace. I am a classical "western" type Dragon, merely with luminescent scales. Hence the designation "Radiant Dragon".

Here are some of my favorite UDIC Haunts (Ultima links are on my Ultima page.):

UDIC Here is the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter home page, from which one can join the club, visit many Ultima/UDIC sites, and more.

Ultima Here is Origin's Ultima Web Archive, the Official Ultima site.

dfb The Dragon's Front of Britannia, a sort of unofficial faction of the Dragons who try to keep out of the entanglements of some of the other factions, and a pretty good UDIC page in general. (I try to keep out of the faction scene, but since this is also a very good UDIC resource, I figured I'd link it. Also, these guys seem to keep out of the factions as well.) (aka RGCUD), the Usenet newsgroup devoted to UDIC. Feel free to drop in and say something.
WARNING: Beware intense flamewars, slapstick silliness, and seemingly off-topic discussions. You have been warned, now go read the RGCUD FAQ (well, it's not the official one, but that one's too long-winded). (aka RGCUS), the newsgroup where Dragons as well as you humans discuss questions, ideas, and problems about the Ultima games. (Much more 'on topic' than RGCUD for you Ultima fans.)

Weyrmount Here is the homepage of the Weyrmount II, a MUD, Object-Oriented (aka "MOO"; MUD = Multi-User Domain) made by the Ultima Dragons. A *great* place to hang out. To go directly there, telnet to the place.
NOTE: You can still find the old Weyrmount here, if you so choose. But I cannot guarantee its stability.

Well, that's all for now, will have more later, probably.

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