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Welcome to the grand and glorious homepage of Kenneth Whitten! Okay, so it's not that grand and glorious, but I'm not the best at HTML-ing, so cut me some slack.

First, the obligatory about-me paragraph. I'm a thirty-one-year-old from Northwest Indiana. I am a fan of the Forgotten Realms AD&D world, the computer RPG series Ultima by Origin Systems, the console RPG series Final Fantasy by Squaresoft, and, well, role-playing videogames in general. And I am a heavy reader of Forgotten Realms, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: New Frontier novels, as well as the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, Guardians of the Flame, and Wheel of Time. That's pretty much me.

Here is a picture of me (in a bad mood): The Guardian
(And here is a picture of me the rest of the time.)

Now, where would you like to go? Here are my (very few) pages, and links to other pages I like.

Updating news (10/24/09): Haven't updated in six years? Well, with the axe hitting Geocities, I am now hosted by, and - aside from some minor updates to severely outdated pages - have no real changes at the moment. Still considering adding a page regarding A Song of Ice and Fire, and possibly retiring parts of the WoT section.
(10/28/09): Ultima and RPG sections uploaded to nullneuron.

The Path Not Taken..., my Ultima Fan Fiction. (Link also located on my Ultima page.)

My Ultima page.
My Forgotten Realms page.
My Wheel of Time page.
My RPGs in general page. (NEW)

FR and WoT pages under heavy construction. They will likely remain so for the forseeable future. Do not go there without a hardhat. Thank you.

The Ultima Dragons home page.
The Ultima Dragons are an Internet fan club of the game Ultima.

Origin's Ultima Web Archive, and
Origin's Ultima FTP Archive.
Plenty of information on Ultima.

The World of Ultima, by Excalibur Dragon.
A wonderfully done site all about Ultima. Any true fan must see it!

Dragon Press, originally by Erratic Dragon, now hosted by Frostreaver Dragon.
Has plenty of Ultima-based fan fiction, including one by yours truly. Read The Path Not Taken... (at the very end of the list, of course), and tell me what you think!

Well, that's it for now, as I think of more things to put on it.

-Kenneth Whitten

P.S. Click on my name and tell me what you think!

All images in these pages are courtesy of the Ultima FTP Archive and of Bones Dragon's Ultima/UDIC image archive. As more sources come into my images, I will give credit where it is due.

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